1. Aluminum RadiatorAumax aluminum radiator is reliable, energy efficient, eco friendly. Our heater radiator is made of ADC12 aluminum.
    1. Bimetal Radiator Our bimetal radiator comes in various sizes, used for heating rooms in places such as residences, schools.
    1. Towel Warmer Our towel warmer is easy to install, and can be placed in any corner in the house. Good conductivity, great stability.
    1. Electric Radiator HeaterOur electric radiator heater uses die casting ADC12 aluminum as body material. Two heating settings.

Heating Radiator Manufacturer in China

Aumax is a heating radiator manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer metal heating radiators such us die cast aluminum heating radiator, stainless steel aluminum radiator, aluminum bimetal radiators, and other home heaters such as electric heater, towel warmer heater. We are a professional home heating radiator supplier, and have much experience of making high quality and various designs heating radiators.

China is a big maker of aluminum products because China has plenty of aluminum materials, we have advantages of manufacturing low cost heating radiators because the elements which can affect the prices of heating radiators are cheaper, for instance, labor cost, aluminum material, tax, and domestic logistics, in our city we can have every heating radiator accessories, we do not need to pay the cost of long distance transportation to transport any parts of heating radiators to us, Aumax is located in Qidong, where is mouth of Yangtze into China east sea, and one hour driving to Shanghai, and there is seaport in the our area, which have international sea line.

We have obtained ISO ISO900:2000, ISO14001:2004 certificates and EN-442,R ROHS and exported our heating radiators to some countries, 37 countries. We know how to offer the heating radiators to meet your need. We meticulously do everything of the radiators, as aspects, heating radiator painting, packing, transporting, it is sure that we can supply you high quality with competitive price radiators.

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  • Aluminum Radiator Aumax aluminum radiator is reliable, energy efficient, eco friendly, and provides high thermal output.
    Our heater radiator is made ...
  • Bimetal Radiator Superior steel water tube together with inner anti-corrosion treatment ensures high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance...
  • Towel Warmer Aumax towel warmer is mainly used to provide warm towels for use after a shower. In addition, it can also be used for drying delicates or bathing suits...
  • Electric Radiator Heater The electronic display offers the best intuitive usability with complete control of the temperature and time of use.
    The blocking system can prevent ...